Our Story

We’re solving the food waste problem in NYC by upcycling bagels into delicious snacks that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.

KG’s Bagel Chips is the idea of Ephrem Kitoyi, a Benin-born immigrant who came to NYC in 2012 to pursue a career in food innovation. While working his way up from line server to eventual owner-operator of a Brooklyn-based bagel shop, Ephrem witnessed thousands of bagels thrown in the trash that could no longer be sold after their one day shelf life.

After selling his share in the business in 2019, he felt called to tackle the issue of food waste head-on. He devised a plan to rescue these unsold, but still tasty bagels that were destined for landfills, and create something delicious - bagel chips! Since then, we’ve diverted thousands of bagels from landfills by creating a snack that’s sustainable and perfect for all occasions.

KG’s Bagel Chips are made from authentic, hand-rolled Brooklyn bagels with organic seasonings supplied by a local start-up. We donate 5% of our proceeds to support local Beninese families who are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Our Founder's Story

Photo of Ephrem


From growing up in Benin watching his mother sell handmade yogurt and cake at markets, to becoming an owner-operator of a legendary Brooklyn bagel shop, Ephrem Kitoyi, founder of KG’s Bagel Chips, is passionate about entrepreneurship, sustainability, and food.

After launching a successful popcorn business in Benin and Nigeria, Ephrem moved to New York City in 2012 to pursue a career in food innovation. He landed his first job as a line server at Bergen Bagels in Brooklyn and within 5 years, he became a part-owner in the business tasked with opening the 4th location of the chain. 

During his time serving bagels to Brooklynites, he witnessed something shocking: thousands of bagels wound up in the trash if they were not sold past their one day shelf life.

“As someone who grew up in a country like Benin, you don’t just discard food if you don’t need it,” he says. “I was taught to see the value of food differently and it didn’t sit well with me to see so many bagels go to waste.”

After selling his ownership in Bergen Bagels in 2019, Ephrem decided to tackle the problem of food waste while pursuing his passion for entrepreneurship. Ephrem partnered with Bergen Bagels to purchase their unsold bagels and transform them into bagel chips and thus, KG’s Bagel Chips was born! 

Through this venture, he has helped to divert thousands of bagels from landfills and in turn, up-cycled them into delicious snacks. His ultimate goal is to bring authentic African flavors to the world of New York bagel lovers all over the USA in a form of bagel chips.